Psalm of Lament

 How long, O Lord, must I wait in isolation?
 How long must I hide from the company of those I love?
 Until I wither into nothingness?
 Until I fade out of existence?
 Until I myself am just a distant memory, 
 somebody that somebody else used to know?  

 But this isolation is not the darkest place I have been. 
 Though the world outside may return to normal, 
 my world never can.
 For I have been betrayed, discarded, broken, abandoned, rejected, forgotten.
 A "ruined woman," left behind in life, no longer "relationship material."
 Even now as the lives of others move ever onwards, 
 I am stuck in stasis, spinning through excuses, aging into aloneness. 

 Help me, O Lord, for the darkness grows ever more convincing, 
 The wilderness of isolation so customary it begins to feel tame, 
 And I fear I might lose the will to seek the way out.  

 But I remember I'm not alone, 
 For when I was betrayed, lost, and abandoned,
 It was you who found me there,
 You who gave me strength to breathe again, 
 You who sent your angels to carry me,
 You who helped me find the way through the wilderness...

You who takes ruined, broken things like me and makes them new. 
Even after the darkest of nights, 
The sun always rises. 

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