The Gender Bandit

Why do I write? This was WordPress’ Writing 101 question of the day. I write to break moulds, to write about the moulds that need breaking and the people who are breaking them. One of the moulds that I feel most passionately about breaking are those related to gender. What it means to be male … More The Gender Bandit

Breaking Moulds Comic Debut: “I.T. Girl”

Welcome to the debut of the “Breaking Moulds” comic! This is something I’ve been meaning to start for awhile, and finally got the time/motivation to buckle down and do it! Also the inspiration, thanks to “I.T. Guy” – this is a real thing that happened this week. I’m used to the micro-aggressors that occur when … More Breaking Moulds Comic Debut: “I.T. Girl”

Rejected Princesses and Other Mould Breakers of the Month

Welcome to the first edition of “Mould Breakers of the Month.” Each month I come across loads of interesting things about people who are breaking all sorts of moulds, and I’m going to start compiling some of the best bits to share with you all here each month. So without further adieu, I give you … More Rejected Princesses and Other Mould Breakers of the Month

A Birthday Quest

She is not quite what they expected her to be, or to become. The moulds are lain out, waiting for her to settle in. Like a cat, to fill their odd shapes with her very self, bit by bit. To grow softly into their boundaries, until the moulds themselves can slip away and leave her to retain their shapes, … More A Birthday Quest