Five To One

It takes five positives to make up for one negative, or so they say. It’s been a long month, and before I break out that long-awaited advent calendar, it only seems right to wrap up the month with some year-end-ish reflections. And yes, Dec. 31st is still a month off – don’t panic! – but fun fact … More Five To One

COMIC: Urgency

Today around the world there were rallies calling for the world leaders meeting in Paris for the 21st time to discuss the climate, to actually do something about climate change. As one speaker said today at Ottawa’s pre-march rally, “It’s not a good thing that we’re at COP21.”  Canada sent the world’s “hottest leader,” which … More COMIC: Urgency

Don’t Panic! This Is Not A Thanksgiving Post

It’s days like today that the American dominance of the Internet is most apparent. Not that I have anything against Thanksgiving, it’s just… I celebrated Thanksgiving with my fellow Canadians over a month ago. If you, like me, fall outside the American sphere and are feeling overwhelmed by all this Thanksgiving and Black Friday business, … More Don’t Panic! This Is Not A Thanksgiving Post

Half Chance

Tonight I played a couple rounds of Settlers of Catan. There is definitely a degree of skill and strategy to the game, but a large part of it comes down to chance as well. In the first round, I was well on my way to dominance through a sheep monopoly. As luck would have it, … More Half Chance