Pause For Adventure

I’ve been on pause for a few months now. And by “pause” I mean a rather long break, and by “I” I mean this blog.

After my last post on the last day of November, in which I successfully blogged every single day (cue applause track), I fell off the blogging bandwagon hard – or maybe I was pushed, it’s all a little hazy. It had nothing to do with blogging itself, but with something else entirely: one of those “life” things which I will of course have to write about someday. But today is not that day.

Today,  I’m stopping by to let you know I’m on pause for adventure. I have a very particular strain of writer’s block, and I’m trying to get through it by putting my creative energy to work in other ways, pairing it with one of my other biggest passions: adventure. If you’re interested to see what I’m in the midst of working on and a cool kind-of-heart-shaped and spectacularly colour-coded map I made, stop by and say hello!

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