Five To One

It takes five positives to make up for one negative, or so they say. It’s been a long month, and before I break out that long-awaited advent calendar, it only seems right to wrap up the month with some year-end-ish reflections.

And yes, Dec. 31st is still a month off – don’t panic! – but fun fact about church that I just learned even though I’ve been a Christian since I was five years old: “Advent” is apparently considered the beginning of the year on the church calendar. So, Happy New Year in T-minus-2 hours!

So, without further adieu, five positives (and one negative) from National Blog Posting Month!

1. I Posted Every Day This Month, and I’m not dead!

Starting with the most obvious, I actually managed to post something every day this month for National Blog Posting Month, or Nano Poblano. Considering I decided only the day before to join up on a whim, and rarely manage to post more than once or twice a month at best, this is a pretty big accomplishment. Granted, some days I was so busy all I could manage were a few cat photos, I did it, and hey my cat’s pretty awesome so I didn’t get any complaints.

2. Sunday Funnies!

I got this super fancy drawing pad for my birthday last year, and have put it to very good use drawing terrible comics that are just a step above stick people (or maybe a step below, because they don’t even really have arms or legs). I didn’t have a schedule for anything this month, but one of my ideas was to make “Sunday Funnies” on Sundays, because who any section in the newspaper besides comics on Sundays, right? Some weeks were better than others, but this one on what we’re all really thinking when we’re networking was my personal favourite.

3. Going to the Dungeon

Sreejit Poole from The Seeker’s Dungeon invited me to participate in his month of “Walking With Intention,” and despite feeling like I’m not so great at doing that, especially lately, I  managed to overcome my fear of replying to emails and get it done: “The Seductiveness of Next Time”.

4. Writing 101 – Success!

Once I decided to do Nano Poblano, I signed up for everything I could find that would potentially help me get through it. The more things I committed too, the greater the deterrent to fail, I figured. Writing 101 gave assignments every weekday in November, which for the most part I managed to follow. Some were more enjoyable than others, but sometimes I was surprised at the ones that inspired me the most. For example, I wasn’t expecting the prompt “write about events that happen in a day or part of a day” to be at all interesting, but the words that came out became “The Day I Left”, which left me in tears before I’d even finished writing it, and probably garnered the most feedback from others, both on and offline.

5. My Stats page is looking up!

Funny thing happens when you actually post things – people read them. In my monthly stats, November is soaring high above the previous months all the way back to February, when a comic tribute I made for a friend that passed away went semi-viral among the community of others who knew him. This month has been encouraging in that regard, thanks to YOU!

And finally, one negative:

I failed to read as many other blogs as I intended to. I wanted to get around to all the Nano Poblano blogs, all the YeahNomo blogs, and a good chunk of the people in Writing 101… but I just couldn’t keep up. I could barely manage to get to my own blog some days, especially towards the end of the month, sometimes taking days to reply to comments. I feel bad, but I know I’m not alone as I’ve seen many others doing the challenge post similar sentiments. But that’s no excuse, so… I’m sorry.

But hey, we made it! Happy November 30th, Happy last day of Nano Poblano, and Happy New Year!


9 thoughts on “Five To One

  1. *High Five!* I’ve loved reading your posts this month, so glad I found your blog through Nano Poblano 🙂 I also have the same fail as you…WOOPS! Trying to catch up on the last few days of posts now that I finally have a bit more time!

  2. WHAT WINS! But, yes, I’ve suffered the same fail. Nevertheless, I’m pleased I’ve found you through the magic of Ra and Nano Poblano. Thank you for discovering my blog in this process. I look forward to future posts. 🙂

  3. 🙂 Well I, for one of many, am really glad you overcame your fear of email response because yours was a great addition to the Intention series. There was so many “of course” moments in the series, and your talking about “This time,” or living in the moment was one of those of those times, as it is a very necessary part of the discussion that we hadn’t even talked about yet and it was the last week already.

    I also wanted to get around and comment on all of the Nanopoblamo posts, but after the first day I pretty much gave that up. whoops.

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