COMIC: Campfires In Heaven

Tonight I’m “breaking the mould” of what this blog is normally about to post something completely different.

The world became a little dimmer today when Stringy’s light went out. Stringy, aka Daniel Rempel, was… well, you’ll see. This story is dedicated to him, as well as all his former campers, fellow staff and volunteers whose hearts are aching today at his loss. And to you, dear reader, for even if you have never met Stringy, I hope the light of his campfire in heaven will reach you, too.

Stringy 1

Stringy 2

Stringy 3

Stringy 4

Stringy 5

Stringy 6

Stringy 7

Stringy 8

Stringy 9

Stringy 10

Stringy 11

Stringy 12

If you liked this story please share it around and spread the campfire light/love. Also, if you would like to and are able to help support Stringy’s family financially in this extremely difficult time for them, you can do so here.

What is your favourite song / skit / memory from Stringy? Share it below!

13 thoughts on “COMIC: Campfires In Heaven

  1. 1st timothy 4:12, and “the lord is gracious and compassionate” were always my favourite songs of his, but there’s many songs that even now when i hear them played at a campfire, I swear I can hear his voice singing along with his voice that could only be produced by his big joyful smile. 🙂 thanks for creating this awesome comic scuttle, looking forward to someday meeting him again at that big campfire in heaven. 🙂

  2. What an awesome tribute Koopa! We listen almost daily to the TR campfire CD that Stringy, Keez, Hugs and a few others made many years back (Its my 5 year olds fav, even over Frozen). He wrote Come to Me and you can hear him on lead vocal singing “come to me all, all who are weary and burdened and I will give you rest”… unbelievable almost right now to listen to his recorded voice singing those words… Deanna/Dino

  3. TR PLAYERS will never be the same. Camper of 13 years. Staff for a few . I know how to cut a tomato all diced up because of him. I scrape my veggies off the cutting board with the back side of the knife to this day cause Stringy told me it would dull the blade. He touched my life, Always happy and always willing to go above and beyond. Thank you for your smile that you literally shared with the world.

    Cricket, Rob Hougaard

  4. So great, you echoed a lot of the things I’ve been thinking about. I remember the goat incident (unless there was more than one :D). For some reason the song that sticks in my head most is “onky tonky onga,” maybe because there were so many dramatic pauses where all eyes are on Stringy. -Laura (AKA Skuttle – not sure if we ever worked together)

    1. Thanks Laura/Skuttle! I don’t remember you being there for that particular goat incident so it very well may have happened more than once. It was a Sunday in fall, we had all left the grounds to go to church, and came back to find that. Knowing those goats I’m sure there were many, many goat incidents, sadly undocumented before the days of smart phones and instagram!

      Onky Tonky Onga was a great one, too!

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