Getting Broken

broken glass

I write for many reasons. The idea of this blog in particular was to write to break moulds. To write about people breaking moulds, and the experience of breaking them.

But what happens when we are the ones who get broken instead?

“All my favourite people are broken.” So goes the words of an amazing song that has seemed to be the soundtrack of my life for the past half a year or maybe more. About the amount of time since I last managed a post here.

I guess you could say I’ve had a kind of writer’s block. Not the kind where you stare at the blank page wondering where all your brilliant ideas went, but rather the kind where your heart refuses to let you anywhere near a blank page. Because who knows what might come out.

So long story short, here’s what came out: I’ve spent so much time and energy trying to help pick up the broken pieces of others around me that I failed to notice I was also falling apart.

Lately I’ve avoided writing because I’ve been avoiding my own brokenness – if I didn’t give it words, maybe it would just fix itself. But it won’t.

So here I am:

With regrets I never wanted to have,

With problems I can’t fix no matter how hard I try,

With people I can’t heal no matter how much I love.

So I need to write, more so now than ever. Writing helps me figure out how to put the pieces back together. Even if they won’t go back the way they were. Maybe what I’ll get is something new, something better.

Because you know what I’ve learned about observing the broken people around me? People who’ve been broken into the most pieces often seem to have the most to give. It’s as if, among the broken pieces, they’ve found that piece of life that people who’ve “got it together” are missing.

“All my favourite people are broken,” and in spite of that, or perhaps because of it, I seem to be in pretty great company.

Broken pieces make for beautiful artwork. Source unknown because the link was broken... oh the irony...
Broken pieces make for beautiful artwork. Source unknown because the link was broken… oh the irony…

Share your thoughts in the comments! How do you cope with others’ brokenness, or your own? How do you get through writer’s block? If your life had a soundtrack, what song would be playing right now? 

9 thoughts on “Getting Broken

  1. Something just seems more “real” in broken people. Maybe that is wrong to say, as the other people aren’t unreal. So maybe there is just something that is more relatable to me in them.

    Separately – if you’re writing more now – I’m having a blogging event at the seeker’s dungeon in November. If you’d like to write a guest post for it I would love to have you. It’s on Walking with Intention. If you’re interested you can find the info here:

    1. Hi Streejit, thank you for the support and the invitation to write. It will be good motivation to me and is probably a good topic to help me find my way out of the mire. And to the first part of your comment, I don’t think it’s wrong to say there’s something more real in broken people. Everyone’s real, deep down somewhere, but getting broken lets some fresh air in through the barriers we all build up. Talk to you soon!

  2. Broken people may have the most to give because they know what breaking means – and they don’t want others to break. I hope you spend some time putting yourself together. Fill the cracks with gold and become art. (Kintsugi.)

  3. I’m sorry you have been through this. I understand the not writing. I have not written stories (nonfiction or fictino) in a long time on my blog. I have “stare at the screen” writers block but I am hoping to just start again, even if my posts aren’t great. Maybe that will get me back in the groove. At least I hope so.

  4. Goodness is like a weed. Even in the most concrete-gray circumstances, like in the passing of my father, these unexpected green shoots appear. Sometimes there is so much concrete that it seems to spread forever. But that little green shoot is a reminder that, given enough time, goodness will reclaim its place.

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