The Day I Left

There is a small speck of dust in the pit of my stomach when I wake up. It grows quickly as I go through the motions I planned out so carefully the day before. Get dressed, throw nightclothes into bag. The dust becomes the size of a mustard seed. Fold bedding, place neatly in the corner. Now it’s becoming […]

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Six Life Stories In Six Words

From little wanderer to grand adventurer.   Three divorces later, my parents smile.   “Best day of my life!” -everyday   You had me at Super Mario.   5 years, 2 degrees, overqualified, underpaid.   Wife of grad student seeks kitten.   What’s your story in six words? Share it below in the comments, or […]

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Sleeping Duck

So I just got home from work and it’s already after 11pm. We had a big reception this evening which I had to do a lot of prep and coordination for, then clean up after, so it was a VERY long day! I simply don’t have time or energy to do justice to the topic […]

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Coffee, Cats and Rainbows

If we were having coffee right now, I’d smile at you from behind my lactose-free half-sweet with-whip peppermint mocha and ask you what you ordered, and would you like to split my cranberry bliss bar? If we were having coffee right now, you’d point out I got whip cream on my nose, and I’d laugh […]

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Mansion Moomin

I spend about 1/3 of my time in a mansion. Eight hours, to be precise, on your average workday. On those inevitable days when I’m feeling down or discouraged about work, I have only to remind myself: “Janelle, you have a private corner office in a 100-year-old mansion. The grass couldn’t possibly be greener anywhere else.” I […]

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Today’s Writing 101 assignment is to take a break from writing, which I am more than happy about as I write this from my phone at the hockey game intermission (Go Canucks!). I can’t take the day completely off though, else I’d fail Nano Poblano, so here’s some pictures of my cat, who for his […]

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