Mansion Moomin

I spend about 1/3 of my time in a mansion. Eight hours, to be precise, on your average workday. On those inevitable days when I’m feeling down or discouraged about work, I have only to remind myself:

“Janelle, you have a private corner office in a 100-year-old mansion. The grass couldn’t possibly be greener anywhere else.”

I could describe it to you in detail – the red brick that wraps around the outside walls, the looming tower on the northeast corner, the angles of the faded green copper roof. It’s the sort of place that was built to look nice, not to be practical. The mansion, built by a lumber baron, is filled inside with rich wood tones, a different wood in each room. Dark walnuts, light pines, warm cedars, intricately carved by experts brought in from Sweden for the project. Seven fireplaces sit unlit throughout the house, each with a different type of marble; looming above are hand-stenciled ceilings and a grand chandelier that was rescued from a dumpster. Light streams in through heritage stained glass windows, and the hum of the city outside cuts through windows that existed before “energy efficiency” was a thing. On busy days, sounds of students chatting carries throughout the house. On quiet days, it’s those creepy old house creaking noises that stand out most when I know I’m here alone.

Today is one of those quiet days. And it’s on quiet Fridays like this one that I sometimes add a little more character to this grand and elegant place: Moomin character.

Moomin leaves for work:
Moomin arrives at the mansion:
Moomin reads some books while I get things done around here:
Moomin climbs the stairs:
Moomin joins me for lunch:
And an afternoon break:
Moomin makes some friends on the walk home:

What do you do to spice up life on quiet days? What kind of “character” does (or should) your workplace have? Would you care to join me for “Bring Your Moomin (or insert-character-here) To Work Day?”

7 thoughts on “Mansion Moomin

    1. Old buildings are fun to work in, although often much of your work ends up related to it being an old building (they weren’t built to be functional so much as look nice!)
      Moomin blushes and says “thanks.”

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