“Video Games In Heaven” And Other Things I’m An Expert On

What are you an expert on?

If my “Google search terms” are to be believed, I am an expert on video games in heaven. More people found my blog by asking Google “Will there be video games in Heaven?” or some variation of that than any other question. Fear not! I have the article just for you:

I WONDER if there are video games in heaven.

Before dismissing this notion as blasphemous or impossible, let’s explore the thought for a moment. It’s not unusual to picture musical instruments, art and architecture as a part of the heavenly environment – not to mention your pet cat Fluffy – so why not video games?

Intrigued? Read on here.

Other things I am an expert on, according to Google Search Terms, include:

“people stranded on deserted islands”

I have this problem all the time. All those people, on all those desert islands. If only they had a list of blogs to read. My list is pretty old, though, and I’ve discovered lots more awesome blogs since then. Perhaps I should make a new one.

Two guys on a deserted island
Comic by: Maria Scrivan

“what do canadians look like”

Funny you should ask, and yes it actually is quite funny, but don’t worry! I’m not laughing at you I’m laughing with you! And because I care so much I created this quiz just for you.

“I’ve become a neet”

I feel for you, friend. I have on occasion lived in fear of becoming a NEET. If you need further inspiration from the NEET capital of Japan, watch this video.

NEET: Not in Education, Employment or Training

“play with my hair not my feelings”

…Umm, okay, or you could just cut your hair short. Problem solved.

“opposite of banana”

It’s important to know these things. Wonder no longer, your answer lies here.

Siopao Asado

“what is a kirby”

In video games we often get to choose our gender. But just as it’s not so simple with some characters, it’s not so simple for many people in real life, either.

kirby i dont know

“kill me i am an ass”

…No need to go to that extreme. There are people you can talk to to sort through your issues.

eeyore therapy

“funny quotes about annoying careless friends”

Sorry about your crappy friends.


“could the joker live in the ghetto”

That’s a very good question. I’m from the ghetto so I wouldn’t be surprised.

“pi first one million digits”

I do know a thing or two about pi, unfortunately I don’t know a million.

3.14 backwards spells pie

“peach pee standing up”

As George Takei would say, “Oh myyyy…”

peach shocked

What are you an “expert” in, according to Google? What weird queries have led people to your blog? What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever asked Google?

Special thanks to my YeahWrite NoMo rowmie Stacie for the much-needed inspiration today!

4 thoughts on ““Video Games In Heaven” And Other Things I’m An Expert On

  1. For a while, I had a lot of search results about Shan Yu, from the film “Mulan”. It turned out that I had written a post once on why Shan Yu is one of my favorite Disney villains, and it got linked on a Disney fan page in the midst of a heated debate about Shan Yu vs. Maleficent, and which is more evil. (For the record, Shan Yu). 🙂

    1. Yeah, I did a post a couple of years ago about Maru the cat, well it wasn’t about Maru persay but I used him to illustrate my point complete with lots of adorable cat-in-box pics – and for about a year half of my search terms related to Maru. Maybe now I’ll get some “Shan Yu” results since we’re talking about it. Silly Google.

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