Between Seasons

I took these two photos today:

Notice anything?

The first one is clearly autumn. The second one is trying to be winter. The lights are there, there’s a bit of ice on the water, but the snow’s a little late. The second photo is Whistler Village, which in the winter — on opening day of the ski season no less — doesn’t look quite right without the snow.

It’s still a little bit between seasons.

I’m feeling a little bit between seasons myself.

I have a new job, which is very exciting. I’ve felt a bit stuck for awhile work-wise, so to finally feel unstuck, finally feel like I’m on the right trajectory with my career is invigorating… but also I feel like I’m waiting for the rest of my life to catch up.

A while back — about a year and a half ago — I wrote about the idea of “Life Block“: like writer’s block for life. I felt that the pandemic-induced life setbacks were putting a damper on my creativity. I can count on one hand the number of blog posts I wrote between that day 1.5 years ago and… the beginning of this November.

Today is November 24, and since the first of November I have written 24 posts (including this one).

“When you repair your relationship with writing, your life begins to flow again.”

– Jane Anne Staw

I’m hopeful that the momentum from my new job, and the creative commitment I’ve made this month to help restore my writing practice, will help me get other areas of my life “unstuck” as well.

I put up the lights, now I’m waiting for the snow.

Post #24 for Nano Poblano. Click the pepper to cheer on my team!

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