Pandemic Pigeons

You guys, I think I may have unknowingly predicted the Twitter Apocalypse back in 2020.

I made a website for fun during the early days of the pandemic when I was doing a coding course called Pandemic Pigeons. In one place it states:

“It’s also possible that the technology we rely on to communicate could shut down entirely, or become our worst enemy… Get your post-apocalyptic messaging products today!”

-Pandemic Pigeons

It’s a pretty cool website, I’m actually quite proud of it, you should check it out. My only regret is I don’t actually have pigeons to sell but alas, it was a fun concept to build while practicing my coding skills.

My Pandemic Pigeons website, circa 2020

Okay so back to the Twitter Apocalypse… What’s all the fuss about?

Best I can figure out, #RIPTwitter is trending on Twitter as, after Elon Musk bought it for $44 Billion and laid off half of the company’s approximately 7500 employees and 4/5 of its 5500 contractors, he sent out an ultimatum to all remaining employees to sign on for “Twitter 2.0 Hardcore.” With employees refusing to agree to the ultimatum or outright quitting, Twitter is projected to lose 75% of its remaining workforce.

Also some Twitter employees changed the sign at Twitter’s HQ in San Francisco to call Elon Musk “Space Karen.”

A lot of other crazy/amusing things are going on over there as well as people make jokes about Elon’s demise and say their heartfelt Twitter goodbyes, if you have the time/patience to scroll through Twitter on what might be its last day.

But #RIPJimmyFallon is also trending on Twitter right now, and apparently he is very much still alive, and annoyed that Ticketmaster thought he was dead and cancelled his Taylor Swift tickets. So what does anyone know. Twitter might be fine.

I don’t use Twitter very often, but I am curious what happens next…

Does Twitter limp on? Do all the employees that just left Twitter start their own Twitter 2.0? Does Elon Musk get fed up with humans once and for all and return to space from whence he probably came? Does Instagram win? (Did Instagram put Elon Musk up to it in the first place?) What’s about this Mastodon I’ve been hearing about?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below…

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One thought on “Pandemic Pigeons

  1. Space Karen. That’s awesome.

    I honestly don’t know or care what will happen to Twitter. I deleted my account back in 2015 (or somewhere around there). It’s just a cesspool of negativity and bigotry – kinda like the river of slime in Ghostbusters 2. Good riddance.

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