Wine Sunday

After Family Friday and Caturday I’m rounding off the weekend with the third post in the (short-posts-because-family-time-is-important) trilogy, concluding a full weekend of family festivities.

We made the most of the last day, which meant leaving late in the afternoon and chasing the sun. After driving the five+ hours back from the interior through several mountain passes mostly in the dark, a task which required the utmost focus, now that I’m safely home I can barely keep my eyelids up so yet another short post will have to suffice.

Today we went to the local, amazing winery near my Mom’s town, which also happens to be the northernmost winery in B.C.

Larch Hills Winery

It’s become a mandatory stop on every visit for a very good reason: good wine, of course. As a small cellar-door family-run winery, you can find a few of their wines in local wine shops, but the majority of their wines are only available onsite.

Vines in winter

The wines are spectacular, and the vibe is much more chill than some of the busier, commercialized wineries you can visit in other more well-known B.C. wine regions. We had a leisurely time sampling their wines and enjoying the views.

Beautiful views from Larch Hills Winery

Not sure when I’ll be back here again and winter is coming / already here, so I stocked up.

Winter is coming: stock up on wine!

If you’re ever in the Shuswap region definitely pay a visit to Larch Hills Winery! It’s a bit out there but well worth the trek. The Malbec is my personal favourite but they are unfortunately now completely sold out of this year’s stock of Malbec (…after a certain family of wine enthusiasts descended upon the town).

Back to the regular writing schedule/commitment tomorrow, hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

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