Extra Hour of Life

Every year on one magical night, we get an extra hour of life.

And every year I do the same thing: stay up extra late (way more than one hour) because it feels like the time doesn’t count, then spend the following day feeling… jetlagged.

Here’s a comic I made a few years ago about this phenomenon.

Bonus points if you can guess the game I’m playing here…

A big part of my motivation for joining Nano Poblano this month, and committing to writing every day, is a desire to be more intentional with my time, to set new rhythms of daily life.

So I am a little disappointed with myself for falling into the same trap yet again.

I might not have to worry about it much longer, though. They’re talking about doing away with the semi-annual time changes all together — although it’s a surprisingly contentious subject.

British Columbia, where I am, is primarily on Pacific Time (some parts of eastern B.C. are an hour ahead, on Mountain Time). We’ve already decided to do away with the time changes, but not before our neighbours to the south (Washington State, Oregon and California) agree to do the same, so our time zone will be united. But they won’t do it before the whole of the U.S. agrees, so… I’m sure that won’t be a problem. 😏

You can always count on Ron Swanson to tell it like it is

There’s also disagreement on whether we should stick to Standard Time or Daylight Saving Time. Our politicians (in B.C. at least) have decided that when we switch, we should move to permanent Daylight Saving Time. However, health experts apparently are in favour of Standard Time as it’s better for our physical and mental health, which is closer to the “sun clock” (meaning the sun is highest in the sky at noon) and thus more natural for our bodies to adjust to.

Daylight Saving Time itself was never intended to be permanent. Originally proposed by a New Zealand bug collector who wanted more daylight time to hang out with his bug pals, it was introduced in war time — WWI and then again in WWII — to conserve energy and make the most of the daylight hours. Then, after WWII, I guess they just kept doing it.

Wartime advertisement for Daylight Savings Time

Leaving aside politicians, wartime propaganda and health experts, most importantly Vancouverite Ryan Reynolds thinks Daylight Savings time is “so stupid,” so maybe Deadpool will have the final say.

Christopher Lloyd narrating the arrival of Daylight Savings Time in this video is EPIC

What do you think? Does your country/state/province/wherever change the clocks? How are you faring today after “falling back?” What’s your opinion on clock changing and Daylight Savings — keep changing the clocks? Should we make Daylight Time permanent? Or stick to Standard Time forever?

Post #6 of Nano Poblano. Click the pepper to visit my team and read their posts!

Feature image: Unsplash / Lucian Alexe

5 thoughts on “Extra Hour of Life

  1. Our clocks changed last weekend (or the week before I can’t remember – in the UK). Stayed up too late playing games that weekend, stayed up too late playing games this weekend.

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