Last Ride

There’s always one day around his time of year that is the most bittersweet.

The day I winterize my beloved motorcycle, put my best travel bud into hibernation.

At least, to ease the pain for both of us, we had beautiful weather (hence the “sweet” part of bittersweet) and were able to enjoy one last ride of the season.

Last ride of the season 😢

We rode (and when I say “we” yes I am referring to myself and my motorcycle, Xavier) along the river and down some twisty farm roads through Autumn splendour.

The destination: the “red house,” a favourite photo stop of local motorcyclists. I’ve driven past it before but never stopped for a photo, so with today’s beautiful weather it was the perfect opportunity!

Sad to store my bike, but at least I got a cat hug out of the deal.

Cat hug!

Happy Caturday!

Nano Poblano Day 5! Click the pepper to visit my team’s blogs next!

3 thoughts on “Last Ride

  1. I’m in the upper Midwest and winter is pretty serious here so I understand the bittersweet thing. We have slowly developed some beautiful flower gardens that I appreciate EVERY SINGLE DAY all summer. Everything got cut back last week….bittersweet 💜

  2. I feel your pain. We keep the battery tenders on ours in the event we get an unseasonably warm day. My hubs has been riding to work all week (I’m jelly). My hip is shot so I won’t be riding until the spring and I can’t WAIT. Twisty farm roads are the best..

    1. Awww yeah… If I had an inside place to store my bike at home I’d probably keep it insured throughout the winter for those occasional warm sunny days. Don’t want to leave it on the street all winter though, hence the hibernation. 😢 Hope you heal up in time for spring riding!

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