Morning By Morning

I used to say I’m taking things “day by day” but the days turned into weeks and the weeks are now turning into months, and at some point along the way day by day became too much to handle.

So now, I am taking things morning by morning.

Some mornings I wake up naturally with the sunrise, as though I’ve been called to greet the sun. I don’t know what the day will bring, but at least I know the morning is a good one. As for afternoon and evening, they’re on their own for now… I’ll worry about them when I get there.

Other mornings I wake up groggy and grumpy, overwhelmed before the day even starts. To avoid being suffocated by stress, I need to curl up like the cat and cancel the morning. There’s always afternoon and evening, maybe one of them will be my friend today. I’ll find out when I get there.

At the very least, I know the sun will rise again tomorrow, as it does every day, morning by morning.

Peachland sunrise wm
Yesterday was a Sunrise Morning

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