In Between

Today is Holy Saturday, the in-between day. The day of silence, stillness, unknowns.

In the Easter story timeline, the worst-case scenario has happened and no one yet knows what comes next. It’s a time of shock, stress, grief, anxiety, numbness, darkness, and waiting.

In the current timeline… about the same.

I feel very much in-between.

I’m no stranger to this feeling. My life has felt in-between for a long while:

In between marriage and… post-marriage.

In between university and “a real career.”

In between brokenness and wholeness.

In between the last sunset and the next sunrise.

In between who I used to be and who I am becoming.

In between the life/job/routine/plans/social life/freedom/etc I had before Covid-19 shut my whole world down in a single day…

…and whatever comes next.


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