Operation Full Circle

Three years ago, I got my heart broken… shattered into dust.

A few months later, I embarked on the trip of a lifetime to “Middle Earth” and the “Land Down Under.” This trip, an exercise in self-guided adventure therapy, marked the beginning of an epic journey of healing, rebuilding, and renewal.

Three years later, I feel as though I’ve mostly come out the other end of that journey. So, I’ve decided to return to the place where my healing journey began, to climb the mountain, to complete my quest, to come “full circle.” Of course, there is no end point to healing. But having milestones to mark important moments helps make meaning out of them. Plus, as a good friend of mine is so fond of saying, “Celebrate Everything!”

In just a few moments, I’m getting on a plane to begin my journey for Operation Full Circle, New Zealand Trip 2.0. Stay tuned!!!

shire janelle




5 thoughts on “Operation Full Circle

  1. I really feel for you and so grateful you are taking this time for yourself!!!! Good to hear from you and you are welcome for a visit if you wish.
    Hugs, Madelaine

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