Misadventures in a Ghost Town

Freshly added to my janellevisser.com website, a new story on adventures, perspective, and that time I crashed my motorcycle in a ghost town! Check it out and give my new(ish) website some love…

Janelle Visser

What is an “adventure,” exactly?

The Oxford English Dictionary defines “adventure” as “An unusual and exciting or daring experience; Excitement associated with danger or the taking of risks.”

Danger and risk come with the territory, which means adventures do sometimes go wrong. Sometimes they become even greater adventures, like when you get lost and discover something even more exciting than you had anticipated. Sometimes… they don’t.

Last year while on one of my most anticipated adventures of the summer – a solo motorcycle journey through the Kootenay mountains in southeastern British Columbia – things went sideways. Quite literally.

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One thought on “Misadventures in a Ghost Town

  1. Very cool story. I hope you are now we all on the to recovery. Maybe you can do another post about the town when you visit again. Thanks for sharing your adventure. One thing I have learned is that the adventures make the best stories.

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