Misadventures in a Ghost Town

Originally posted on Janelle Visser:
What is an “adventure,” exactly? The Oxford English Dictionary defines “adventure” as “An unusual and exciting or daring experience; Excitement associated with danger or the taking of risks.” Danger and risk come with the territory, which means adventures do sometimes go wrong. Sometimes they become even greater adventures, like when…

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Six Life Stories In Six Words

From little wanderer to grand adventurer.   Three divorces later, my parents smile.   “Best day of my life!” -everyday   You had me at Super Mario.   5 years, 2 degrees, overqualified, underpaid.   Wife of grad student seeks kitten.   What’s your story in six words? Share it below in the comments, or […]

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Tsundoku Finds

One of the things I love about learning other languages is the words that don’t translate, words that perfectly capture something that might take sentences to explain in English. Like this one: I went to the annual used book sale in Rockliffe Park today, which is basically the Beverly Hills of Ottawa. I intended to […]

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