Popcorn Shrimp, Literally.

My husband complains that I never listen to his ideas. My complaint is that he never (okay, rarely) reads my blog. So here’s one of his ideas, we’ll see if he notices…

Tonight I made an interesting discovery: popcorn shrimp.

popcorn shrimp

Some people take things a little too literally, perhaps. It wasn’t bad, though. Brings back fond memories of the time my British friend excitedly ordered fish and chips in a little inaka (rural) pub in Japan…

I saw them coming first.

I watched his face next, to witness the moment he set his eyes on them. The fish…

And the cheesy Doritos. Fish and Chips, can’t really blame them… but you can if you’re British.

Still, taking things literally can be fun:

comic - seat


Source: Wrong Hands 


hagar cake

comic - literally

Happy Friday everyone!


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