Don’t Panic! This Is Not A Thanksgiving Post

It’s days like today that the American dominance of the Internet is most apparent. Not that I have anything against Thanksgiving, it’s just… I celebrated Thanksgiving with my fellow Canadians over a month ago.

If you, like me, fall outside the American sphere and are feeling overwhelmed by all this Thanksgiving and Black Friday business, don’t panic. Other people are doing the panicking for you:


Aussa Lorens is an expert of panicking. Especially when Captcha is involved.

Think Aussa can panic? Check out this “ghost hunter” who didn’t realize she was in a Japanese prank video with a “real” ghost.

Japanese prank taxi

Sometimes panic can be misinterpreted, like this Australian guy who the neighbours thought was murdering his wife… but he doesn’t have a wife, it was a spider.

A bunch of people were panicking about this Texas prison honouring 2nd amendment rights and giving its prisoners guns… what they didn’t realize was the source is a Canadian satire show. We’re just messing with ya!

If all of that has you freaked out and wishing you didn’t have to sleep alone, you could always hire a hot guy to sleep next to you. No touching.

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