The Pill For Men That Women Have Been Waiting For


Nope, it’s not Viagra.

Someone has finally gone and invented the Birth Control Pill for men.

And who? America, and its progressive, forward-thinking scientists? Germany, with all its brilliant minds? Switzerland, with its groundbreaking work at the scientific mecca of CERN? Japan, with all of its futuristic inventions?

Nope. INDONESIA. Check it out.  Don’t miss the well-placed puns.

I just love this, because Indonesia is awesome, and everyone I know from Indonesia is awesome, and they deserve more time in the spotlight. Also, I love this because Indonesia is a majority Muslim country: 88% Muslim, according to Google. Critics from the “progressive” west love to harp on Muslim countries for their treatment of women (granted, often, for very good reasons). Yet the male contraception pill will have huge benefits for men, women and families everywhere: it’s probably not hyperbole to say, as the above article claims, that this pill “will change the world.”

So where were the proponents of western medicinal science on this issue? Busy making performance-enhancing pills for men which US Congress will obviously cover while women are left paying out-of-pocket for promiscuity-enhancing pills like birth control? Whether due to “male chauvinism” or otherwise, western science simply hasn’t made it a priority.

Unfortunately for everyone outside of Indonesia, they’re not planning to export it. Guess we’ll all just have to travel there for a visit…

Indonesia Islands

…what a chore that will be.

What do you think of the possibility of The Pill for men? Would you take it, or have your partner take it? What is the coolest thing you know about Indonesia?

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