Canadian Election Haiku

If you’re not from Canada, you may have heard we had an election recently, if for no other reason than John Oliver – Canadian election calling our “short” election period “adorable” and imploring us not to re-elect Stephen Harper, with the help of Mike Myers dressed in a mountie outfit driving a snow plow. In any case Canadian … More Canadian Election Haiku

The Google Heart

I recently attended a talk by writer/artist/designer Douglas Coupland where he mentioned offhand – as though it were common knowledge – that Google is becoming sentient. As he describes, Google the company is currently sending out its minions to collect information on anything from anywhere to add to “Google” the online entity, because it apparently expects “Google” to … More The Google Heart

Rethinking Remembrance: Ottawa Shooting Afterthoughts

The cop car that just blasted up the street outside my office window must have been going over 200 km an hour, and even as I reflect on this, the phone rings urgently: “Something is happening downtown. I don’t know what but it’s something very serious.” As my colleague speaks, more sirens, police trucks this time, blaze … More Rethinking Remembrance: Ottawa Shooting Afterthoughts

So This Is Canada: 12 Unguarded Observations of a Returning Canadian

Reverse culture shock is an interesting beast. It’s been six weeks that I’ve been back in Canada after living in Japan for four years, and I am in a weird headspace. People ask how the adjustment is going; it is certainly bewildering. I feel that I have not actually adjusted a single bit, but that I have … More So This Is Canada: 12 Unguarded Observations of a Returning Canadian