The Hidden Message of “Pi Day Primer”

To celebrate Pi Day a few days ago, I made a very special post, carefully constructed to contain a hidden message. And it has been suggested to me by several people that I need to reveal the answer, lest an angry mob assemble outside my door (led, probably, by my husband himself, who’s quite upset I wouldn’t let him in on it). So, here you all go.

But first, if you haven’t taken a crack at trying to figure the message out yet, you should read the Pi Day post first!  Then come back and scroll down for the answer below…

Cthulhu pie
Cthulhu Pie will eat YOU if you peek at the answer before you try the puzzle!
(image via

Okay, everyone ready?

The answer is,

of course…


Or, to be more specific (or technically less specific since this is just an approximation…), 3.14159.

pi day approximation
…yes, I stopped at 9. But come on! That’s pretty good!

But you may have already known that, and just been trying to figure out HOW the answer was Pi.

Now I should give credit where it’s due, and while no one figured out the full extent of the message, one commenter, tjweibelzahl, was on to something when he noticed:

Could it be that you published your blog 3.14 at 1:59?

Well, that was a big hint, one which I was not shy about on Facebook and Twitter, but there’s much more to it. Let’s go through it, shall we?

Answer below!




Okay, what is the first thing you see when you look at the blog post?

Pi Day Primer

The title. How many words are in the title? Three. See where I’m going with this?

The very next thing you should see is a GIANT pie:

pi baked into a pie
^This one!

Very big! And very round! What part of 3.14159 could this be? The decimal, of course.

Following that there are – count them! – 14 points where I talk about Pi Day.

But that’s not all… if you told me “the hidden message is 3.14!” you would be mostly right, but I had to go just a little bit farther…


Show off what you’ve learned:

Find the secret message contained in this blog post!

Three more lines, three differently-styled elements. Count the words… 1, 5, 9.

Add it all together and you get:

3.14159, aka pi-w!

Simple, right?

easy as pie my ass
…oh, I see. Sorry! Please don’t kill me! m(_._)m

How did you celebrate Pi Day? Have you ever weaved a puzzle into a blog post to challenge your readers? If you have a blog post puzzle for others to try, feel free to tell us about it in the comments below!

11 thoughts on “The Hidden Message of “Pi Day Primer”

  1. I assumed the secret message was “Dear husband, I have within this post reminded you of the special nature of my birthday this year. This is your only warning. An unsigned card and smoke-scented wilted rose from the gas station will be insufficient for the occasion, and may result in a Cthulhu pie to the face.”

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