Trees and Their Stories

What does your Christmas tree say about you?

Trees that look fashionable with designer bulbs and complementary colour schemes are all well and good, but my favourite trees are the ones decorated with things that have stories to tell.

Over the years, I’ve collected enough storied things to decorate a normal-sized tree. It used to just be a mini-tree but the first Covid Christmas I bought a full-sized tree to light up the darkness of isolation and surprised myself by having enough things to fill it up. I added some bulbs and stars to fill it out, but there are some good stories here, mostly related to places I’ve lived or travelled.

Today my roommate and I dug out the seasonal decor and put up the Christmas Tree. Here’s a few of the stories I remembered along the way…

Japan / Nintendo

These three beauties were gifted to me a number of years back by a dear friend I made in Japan who works in the video game industry, and are among the first of the special ornaments I’ve collected. I tagged along to a few video game conventions with him on a press pass, including Tokyo Game Show, to take photos while he reported on the events; these times made for some very fun memories!

Germany (Käthe Wohlfahrt)

These two treasures are from the Käthe Wohlfahrt collection. I actually got to go to a brick-and-mortar Käthe Wohlfahrt shop while traveling in Germany in 2015, these are from there! They each get put away in their own special box to stay safe throughout the year, so it’s extra exciting to open them up each Christmas season.

The Ducks

If you’ve known me for awhile and/or ever been to my house, you know I have a bit of a duck problem. I actually used to have WAY MORE ducks — two giant blue bins worth, to be exact — but while paring down my stuff to move across the country back in 2017 I got rid of all but the rubber ducks. Rubber ducks seemed like a bit more manageable of a collection, you can actually find some cool themed ones in different places you travel, and when they get dirty/dusty you can just throw them in the bath! These three are all Christmas-themed rubber ducks so they get to live in the tree. (p.s. okay so you know I like ducks. Please do not buy me more duck things! Unless they’re rubber ducks that are just too cool like this Gandalf duck… see? I can’t stop! It’s way out of hand!)

New Zealand Christmas Kiwis

I’ve been to New Zealand twice and it is my Happy Place. My second trip was in November-December 2019 (yes, snuck one in just before… you know) so I stocked up on Christmas Kiwis. I gave most of them away to friends and family and only kept these two guys for myself. So there’s a whole collection of Christmas Kiwis hanging out on my family members’ Christmas trees!

Representing Local

These two beauties are both from local artists. The East Van Cross is from… well, that’s obvious, the neighbourhood I’ve lived since I moved to Vancouver in 2017, and the Santa Jaws I got in a community Christmas Market on Vancouver Island. Hoping to add a few more locally-flavoured ornaments to my collection this year!

A Few More Friends…

Last but not least: A few more friends you’ll see around here! The penguin on the left is a high school era Value Village purchase, so one of my oldest possessions. Moomin in the middle I rescued from a UFO Catcher in Japan; he is wearing a mistletoe-trap headband so watch out! The Christmas goose on the right was a gift from a friend who was moving and had way too many things so I adopted him (the goose, not the friend).

(p.s. it’s been pointed out to me that I may not have just a duck problem, I may have a bird problem. Penguins, kiwis, geese, owls, the list goes on… I’ve always thought I’d become a crazy cat person but am I a CRAZY BIRD PERSON?!?!? I did dress as Dina from Superstore for Halloween so that checks out… I’m going to need a moment to process this).

Finally… The Finished Tree!

It’s a beautiful thing… and I haven’t even shared all the stories! One more I have to mention: the tree topper was my roommate’s contribution. We needed an Angel! It fits perfectly! (No, there is no shame in being a nerd/geek/whatever in this household!)

Do you put up a Christmas tree? If so, what special ornaments and stories does your tree hold?

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3 thoughts on “Trees and Their Stories

  1. My Christmas tree doesn’t talk… I hope. If it does, it’s possible that it’s talking because it’s been possessed by a demon. I don’t want a demon tree in my house. It might start eating people. I especially don’t want a demon tree to eat the people in my house. I love them.

    1. I mean, there are other reasons for trees to talk, like because they’re actually ents, or maybe Santa magic, but you’re going with demon tree so… now I’m relieved I didn’t cut a real tree from the forest to bring inside! Who knows what ill will it might harbour against me!

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