Tonight I went to the “Hopscotch” festival in Vancouver, a Scotch-themed tasting event.

It was a fun event, although we were a little disappointed that there were more other things than Scotch, such as beers and canned cocktails and other spirits. We did find some great scotches though – BenRiach was one of our favourite new finds. Peanut Butter whisky was one of the strangest (surprisingly delicious, though, maybe for on ice cream!) Anyways, afterwards we decided to do a little Scotch Aprés at our favourite spot in Vancouver, Fets Whisky Kitchen in my neighbourhood.

An unhappy discovery we made at Fets was that the restaurant will be closing forever in less than a month, after 36 years in business. All good things must come to an end, I suppose, but I for one will be very sad to lose this neighbourhood gem.

Goodbye letter from the restaurant in the front of the Scotch/Whisky menu

I am thankful we made the impromptu decision to visit today, otherwise I might not have known until after they close forever. Now, I will be visiting Fets at least once, if not twice or more before their final day.

What to do with one of the world’s largest whisky selections, indeed!

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