Motorcycle Rides and Magic Necklaces

I put on my magic necklace in hopes it will impart on me some power of writing, of creativity, of resilience. (It’s day two of a month of writing and I’m already floundering, how about you?)

Some magic is in there still, in the delicate heart with dinosaur wings hanging from a thin sparkling thread. It binds me to other humans — most of whom I’ve never met in real life. Or maybe this life is more real?

The magical symbol that binds us… Rarasaur & friends

This writing life where words connect our souls without interference from the world around us… What better way is there to know someone? Small talk and social obligations? Mediocre first dates reminiscent of job interviews: poorly articulated applications for romance?

Where’s the magic in that?

The magic necklace transports me back to a moment in time at the end of a quest, precipitated by a wild suggestion to a fellow blogger that I ride my motorcycle halfway down the continent’s coast simply to say hello.

Seven days of spectacularly scenic riding later, we said hello, and many other things, because even though it was the first time meeting “in real life” we had already known so much of each other’s life and love and loss.

Before I left, she gave me the magic necklace.

So much more life has happened since then, and — from my end at least — not a whole lot of blogging. But I’m still here, writing again, searching for inspiration, and maybe even daring to hope for more magical connections.

Perhaps you’ll be one of them? Thanks for being here, please say hello in the comments down below! (Even better, share a story of an epic adventure (or quest) you’ve been on!) 💫

Day two of Nano Poblano. Follow the link in the image above to cheer on my fellow peppers!

10 thoughts on “Motorcycle Rides and Magic Necklaces

  1. My sister just purchased a motorcycle but she’s not ready for a trip that long, I am envious, I’ve only been a rider, never a driver. How wonderful!

  2. I miss you! I wrote my post at 11:08 so I feel like you’re doing great. This trip was so magical and some part of me still can’t believe you popped by one day, haha. 🙂 So glad to be reading you again. ❤

    1. I miss you too! It was indeed so magical.

      Late posts but we are both on west coast time though so I feel like that makes us seem more behind lol… or like #brightside we get extra time! 😁

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