I don’t have the patience for New Year’s Resolutions this year. Or maybe patience is the wrong word: energy. Tolerance. F*cks to give. So when I saw this post by Maggie Smith turning the entire concept on its head, I exhaled a loud “AMEN.”

The origin of the word resolution, Smith explains, can be traced “to the Latin resolvere, meaning “loosen” or “release.” “

“Now this is a metaphor, an image, that I can embrace. It suggests I am enough on day one of the new year. I don’t need to do or be more; perhaps I actually need less.

So, I’m taking some time now to reflect on what’s weighed me down this year. I’m asking myself: What can I set down in 2020 instead of carrying it into 2021? What can I loosen or release?”

-Maggie Smith

Loosening, releasing, letting go, and leaving behind, that’s what we need more than anything this New Year’s Eve. That, and lots of snacks.

In Japan, where I lived for four years, the end-of-year party is called a “bounenkai,” literally a “forget-the-year” party. Of course, this year parties are right out, but I will be having a party-of-one to forget the year, release it, let it go and leave it behind.

Mulled wine, Dutch croquettes and German potato pancakes will be the feature menu items of the evening, followed by the traditional Japanese Toshikoshi “year-crossing” soba noodles. Making a list of things to leave behind, and then setting it on fire – thus symbolizing the end of the “Year of the Dumpster Fire” – will be on the agenda, as well as a private screening of Disney-Pixar’s new release “Soul.” I expect it to go down in history as one of the most enjoyable New Year’s Eve parties yet…

Happy Last Day of 2020!

How are you spending your New Year’s Eve? What do you want to loosen, release, leave behind in 2020?

“Leave what’s heavy behind” – Birdtalker | photo by Jacob KVDL

One thought on “Forget-The-Year

  1. I love Maggie Smith, i highly recommend her poems! This year weirdly I do have plans (resolution sound like vanity?) it’s to improve on my self growth and mental health and it does include fitness. But it’s very categorically self development. Is there anything you’re looking for from this year?

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