A Whole Entire Day Just For Blogging

9:30 – *yawn* That was the first good sleep I’ve had in months. I’ve got a magical day off work and the house to myself. I haven’t had enough free time to blog in weeks, today’s the perfect chance! But, I’m not quite ready to wake up yet…

calvin and hobbes sleeping
Sleeping in is the best kind of sleeping.
Image credit: Bill Watterson

11:30 – Wow, it’s already almost lunchtime! I’m just gonna lay here for awhile…

12:00 – *stumble downstairs* Mmm I should probably make tea and breakfast. That’ll definitely help. Doo doo doo…

12:10 – *Skype bloopedy bloops* Oh YEAH I have a Skype date with my mom! I haven’t Skyped with her in forever!

1:20 – *phone rings* …Cool, haven’t talked to my grandma in forever and ever!

1:50 – Man, I am hungry. Oh yeah, I should probably have lunch.

 2:15 – I can’t really write while eating so maybe I’ll watch Rick Mercer, catch up on my Canadian culture and political satire…

2:45 – Haha, YouTube lists Jenna Marbles as related to Rick Mercer… she did a video about video games? Should probably watch that… she’s kinda funny, maybe I’ll watch one more video… okay just one more… just one more… okay, this is the last video…

3:30 – Oh, crap! What am I doing?! I haven’t even made it to WordPress yet! But I’ve been sitting here all day, I should probably do some stretches or something first…

3:45 – Okay, I can do this. What to write about… Oh, yeah, there was that video I saw a few days ago that I wanted to use as a starting point, what website was that on again… I can’t remember who posted it on Facebook, better scroll down… Oh, interesting article on the NY Times, I should try to incorporate this too… Hey, I haven’t checked Twitter yet today! Oh, and there was this article on the Medium that I meant to read later, I should go find that while I’m looking for stuff…

4:15 –  Agh! There are so many things I want to write about, but I have no idea where to start! How do all my awesome blogger friends DO it?! *Lightbulb ding* I know! I’ll put my dinosaur hat on. That’ll definitely help. Maybe I can even channel some of Rarasaur’s awesomeness!

dinosaur hat

4:25 – *doorbell rings* *run to door, realizing en route I am still wearing a dinosaur hat* *husband enters* Phew! Wait, he’s home already? That means an entire workday has passed and I still haven’t managed to even start the blog post I wanted to write…

4:30 – *doorbell rings again* A package from my friend in Norway! It’s “Pudding,” hooray! Must Instagram this right away…

felt pudding

4:45 – Husband’s off to get Starbucks and buy groceries for dinner, hasn’t seen me all day so he wants me to join him. I suppose a gingerbread latte and cranberry bliss bar wouldn’t hurt…

7:00 – Okay, where was I. Oh yeah, watching Rick Mercer for inspiration. He went to the Toronto Zombie Walk, that’s pretty cool! I wonder what I look like as a zombie?

janelle as a zombie

7:30 – Note to self, I never want to look like a zombie. I’m definitely going to write a zombie. Write a blog post. Crap. I need a drink. Okay. Starting post.

8:00 – Dinner’s ready! Homemade potato soup, hooray for everything!

potato soup dinner

9:00 – It’s 9:00. I still haven’t played video games written a blog post yet today. How is that even possible? *put dinosaur hat back on* Okay, I can do this…

This post is dedicated to all my friends doing NaNoWriMo / NaBloPoMo etc. This is pitifully the first thing I’ve written all month, and I don’t even have pets or children as an excuse. You guys rock, I don’t know how you do it. You’re past halfway there now, go go GO! \(*^o^*)/

4 thoughts on “A Whole Entire Day Just For Blogging

  1. I think this is a spectacular blog post. Rawrsome, even. 😀 Also, sleeping in is totally the best kind of sleeping. I’m off to make myself into a zombie now… 🙂

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