If You Were Stranded On a Deserted Island With Only Five Blogs…

…which ones would you choose?

Two guys on a deserted island
Comic by: Maria Scrivan

When I launched Breaking Moulds a few weeks ago, I started using a new wordpress profile, which meant my “Reader” was reset to a clean slate. Even though I could go back to my other profile and check up on the blogs I follow there, there were a few I couldn’t live without ready access to and had to “re-follow.” Here are a few of my favourite WordPress blogs that I would take with me to the proverbial deserted island:

The Byronic Man

Dynamic and  hilarious, I never know what The Byronic Man’s gonna hit me with next. I would give my fourth child to be as effortlessly funny as he is.

The Byronic Man banner

The Middlest Sister

Don’t let the name fool you, she’s not actually the middlest. I felt so disillusioned when I learned this just the other day. Regardless, her hand-made comics about her childhood growing up as one of five sisters are artistic and amusing, and they always make my day.

The Middlest Sister banner

The Frailest Thing

A very thoughtful blog about how modern media and technology are changing us and shaping our culture. The blog author, Michael Sacasas, is working through his PhD and just published his first book, The Tourist and the Pilgrim: Essays on Life and Technology in a Digital Age.

The Frailest Thing banner

One Thousand Single Days

As the name suggests, this blogger has embarked on a quest to remain single for 1000 days. I’ve been reading along from the beginning and she just recently passed the 1/3 mark. I suppose if I’m stranded on my deserted island for longer than 600 or so days I may run out of things to read here, but I don’t want to miss out on her experiment or its eventual conclusion.

One Thousand Single Days banner

The Lobster Dance

The author of this blog, Leah, was a fellow Japan expat, although I only know her through blogging. She discusses gender and social issues in Japan, and always has something thoughtful and challenging to say about them. She also runs an excellent food blog called I’ll Make It Myself, although I’ve regrettably frequented it a lot less since she left wordpress.com.

The Lobster Dance header

How about you? If you had to choose only five blogs for your deserted island entertainment, which ones would they be?

This is a 31dbbb “Yeah Write” writing challenge post. For Day Nine we were to create a link post designed to promote the good work of others. I hope you enjoy perusing through a selection of my indispensable blog reads! I might put up another link post to newly discovered blogs of awesomeness soon, so feel free to leave links to your favourite and/or indispensable blog suggestions in the comments below!

8 thoughts on “If You Were Stranded On a Deserted Island With Only Five Blogs…

  1. Thanks for including me, I am honored! 🙂 This is a hard question because I subscribe to hundreds of blogs and they are all worth reading. My top 5 change every day, but today I would choose:

    Kate Beaton’s http://www.harkavagrant.com/
    Speaker7 http://speaker7.wordpress.com/
    Childhood Relived http://childhoodrelived.com/
    LifeNPublishing http://lifenpublishing.com/
    and the Illustrations of Marc Johns http://www.marcjohns.com/

    I guess I’d need a lot of cheering up/laughter if I was stuck on a deserted island 🙂

    1. Hi Nicole, no I am honoured, thanks for visiting me here! (*^O^*)

      Of your top five I’ve only heard of Speaker7, I’ll have to check the others out, thanks for sharing them! Cheers!

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