The Gender Bandit

Why do I write? This was WordPress’ Writing 101 question of the day. I write to break moulds, to write about the moulds that need breaking and the people who are breaking them. One of the moulds that I feel most passionately about breaking are those related to gender. What it means to be male […]

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Cutting Off My Womanhood

I’ve done it before and I’ll do it again. The other day, after no small amount of anticipation and deliberation, I cut off my womanhood. Thankfully, while the cutting off of one’s manhood likely conjures images of a gruesome and likely incredibly painful procedure, the cutting off of one’s womanhood is far more enjoyable, often […]

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Is “Nerd Girl” An Oxymoron?

It has recently come to my attention that my status as a nerd may be in question. Apparently, according to some of my fellow humans, my inherent female-ness exempts me from certifiable nerddom. Where were these authority figures while I was withering away in nerdy, socially-awkward seventh-grade misery? Where were they in high school while I was desperately […]

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On Breaking Moulds

“God made me and broke the mould.” –Jean-Jacques Rousseau Pink. Everything was pink. My walls, carpet, clothes, bedding – even the boxes on the abominable Barbie dolls I received in droves. And so, as soon as I was old enough to decide anything, I decided to hate pink. In retrospect, it wasn’t that I had […]

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