Why I Shouldn’t Do National Blog Posting Month

Everyone makes poor life decisions. I may have made one yesterday when I committed myself to post each day in the month of November as part of “National Blog Posting Month,” or “NaBloPoMo,” or the much-easier to pronounce “NanoPoblano.” Long story short, I let a dinosaur talk me into it, against my better judgment, although … More Why I Shouldn’t Do National Blog Posting Month

Breaking Moulds Comic Debut: “I.T. Girl”

Welcome to the debut of the “Breaking Moulds” comic! This is something I’ve been meaning to start for awhile, and finally got the time/motivation to buckle down and do it! Also the inspiration, thanks to “I.T. Guy” – this is a real thing that happened this week. I’m used to the micro-aggressors that occur when … More Breaking Moulds Comic Debut: “I.T. Girl”