Family Friday

Happy Friday, everyone. It’s Remembrance Day here in Canada, and a few other countries too. I had the day off work for the holiday so I did the five hour drive through the mountains to get to my mom’s place, where a group of my family is gathering for the weekend. So you’ll forgive me […]

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The Goldilocks Rule

How do you stay motivated to stick with something? I’m on day 10 of writing every day for the month of November. I’m still here, still standing, still writing, but I must confess… it is a battle to get to the page — or the keyboard, rather — every single day. In the book Atomic […]

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Broken Ships

I stumbled on an interesting thing at work today: a museum for broken relationships. Filled with everything from torn up photographs to belly button lint to an “ex-axe,” the museum displays physical items — remnants of broken relationships — alongside the contributors’ stories attached to them. While the physical museum is located in Zagreb, Croatia, […]

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Moody Monday Music

Do you ever listen to songs that remind you of someone you’d rather forget? One of my fellow bloggers is doing a month of music posts, and recently one of the prompt options was “a song that reminds you of someone you’d rather forget.” He commented that he didn’t know why anyone would want to […]

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Extra Hour of Life

Every year on one magical night, we get an extra hour of life. And every year I do the same thing: stay up extra late (way more than one hour) because it feels like the time doesn’t count, then spend the following day feeling… jetlagged. Here’s a comic I made a few years ago about […]

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Last Ride

There’s always one day around his time of year that is the most bittersweet. The day I winterize my beloved motorcycle, put my best travel bud into hibernation. At least, to ease the pain for both of us, we had beautiful weather (hence the “sweet” part of bittersweet) and were able to enjoy one last […]

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Atmospheric River

The wind is howling outside. I don’t mean metaphorically: the air is moving sideways and upside down and inside out, twisting its way so noisily through the cracks in this over-100-year-old house I wonder if I will get to see Oz. Freaky Friday indeed. Last year in November we had a series of “atmospheric rivers” […]

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